Happy Birthday America!!!  For many years the fourth of July was a torturous punishment to me.  While I adored the classic family barbecue tradition, I absolutely dreaded the annual neighborhood fireworks show.

Until the time leading up to my middle teens I was never able to get through the day without a meltdown.  I have extreme sensitivity to certain noises and I am definitely not a big fan of booming.  Every year when the festivities began I would lose all control I had over myself.  It was not uncommon  for people to see me running around the house screaming covering my ears.  I remember in the past feeling ashamed at myself that here everyone else around me was having a grand old time and I was not able to do the same.

As I write tonight I am proud to say that while I still do not particularly like the noise that comes with it, I am at a place now where I am comfortable enough to enjoy them with my family.  Do not get me wrong though,  this was not an over night success but rather a result thanks to many years of therapy. Although I complained about going I am thankful now that I went.  Each session I was dragged too I learned how to deal with sounds that bothered me in an appropriate manner.

Trying to find the right intervention is like playing a game of chess.  You need a strategy with a back up plan if the one you tried did not work out.  If you are struggling with a similar situation my best advice would be to keep trying different programs until you find one that works for you.  It is a long process but the end result is well worth the journey.

Thank you for reading!!

Autistic Female


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