If we want acceptance how come we do not accept each other? 

Since we are a week away from April 2nd I thought I would take a few minute to share my thoughts with the world. 
How is it that our community demands acceptance & understanding from the Neurotypical society yet behind the scenes we don’t even accept our own members who have different views on Autism’s causes, interventions to use, or charities to support! Until we can come truly come together as a whole our mission for global acceptance will never happen! 
Please feel free to comment or message me your thoughts. I respond personally to every email I recieve.
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Autistic Female












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  1. The Autism Dad
    Mar 27, 2017 @ 12:21:50

    Great post. As a parent of three boys with Autism, I have seen this issue among parents as well. If we allow our differences to divide us, our efforts will be futile… ☺


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