Planning an ideal shopping experience

Now that I shared with you that my favorite pick me up is shopping, it is only fit to discuss the places I can go to verses the ones I need to avoid.

Since sensory overload sometimes poses a problem for me, I do what I can to prevent a meltdown.  The best stores for me are ones that are small and neatly organized.  I am fully focused and there are fewer distractions that will get me anxious.  The one thing I love about the store I do the most damage is it has a rhyme and reason to it.  Every item is arranged by color and size order.  It is an Autistics dream because it is organization at its best.  You go straight to the article of your choice without searching for a needle in a haystack.  Unlike other major department complexes, there is an abundance of sales people eager to assist you.  All of these characteristics provide me with a very pleasant experience.

While there are many places I can enjoy, others I ignore like the plague.  My biggest enemy is the discount wholesale store.  They are about as structured as a three ring circus.  It is so over stimulating it can be considered cruel and unusual punishment.  From the minute you enter the sliding doors you are greeted by obnoxious noise, sights, and smells.  The patrons act like wild life animals and you need to pray upon your lucky stars to make it out alive.  The whole establishment reminds me of the game show where you have to buy the most items to win the prize.  All joking aside, everyone pushes a cart filled with goods from all categories such as food, clothing , and appliances.  Unless you’re doing humanitarian missions, no one in their right mind needs to buy so much.

Thank you for reading!

Autistic Female


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