Communication Mishaps

Greetings from the beach!! It is independence day and for me it would not be complete without laying in the sun soaking up some rays.  Any way a couple of minutes a go a miscommunication led to a verbal altercation between my future brother in law and myself.  A gust of wind came along which caused his newspaper to go flying.  I was having a conversation with my sister and he thought I called him a name.  He rudely interrupted and shouted at me which took me by surprise.  This did not sit well with me and in the heat of the moment I screamed right back.  When I asked him what his issue was he told me ” I do not like being called stupid”  After arguing with each other my sister had to interject and tell him that he heard wrong.  He apologized and I accepted but I learned something at the same time.  I realized that when people ( I too am guilty of this) are not fully paying attention they can hear things that were never said. Also it is best to ask for clarification instead of jumping to conclusions.  I myself will do this in the future as well.

Thank you for reading!

Autistic Female


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