Five years but I finally did it

On Sunday I have reached a personal goal that took five years in the making. I went on a family vacation and made it through the week without having a meltdown. In the past I did not have the coping skills to deal with the lack of structure. For the longest time it was a family joke because the third or fourth day of every trip I had some sort of emotional out burst. My sister use to tease me and ask if I was going to hold the traditional MD.

This past week was definitely an excellent learning experience for me.  I realized I have grown up a lot during the course of the year.  I think that working full time has allowed me to gain more coping skills to help me when things are not going as smoothly as I have planned. On the last night we had a dinner party to wrap up the vacation. I had fun but after a while I needed to unwind and do my own thing.  Instead of having an Autism moment in front of everyone I excused myself and went to watch TV in bed. In the future I hope to have more pleasant outings with my family.

Thank you for reading!

Autistic Female


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