Some people drink, I go shopping

When it comes to dealing with life’s many issues everyone has a different strategy to get over the hump. While some take drugs and alcohol to feel better, I  go shopping.  Yesterday I was having a really off day.  I felt sorry for myself and could not find one thing in my life to be excited about.  I needed to get out of the house and do something constructive instead of swimming in a pool of self pity.  I made my mom take me to the mall so I can get happy and buy myself presents in the process.  Hey I am not hurting anyone and I am helping the economy at the same time.  Anyway, there is definitely something about removing yourself from the situation your in that changes your overall mind set.  The minute I started browsing through the clothes I felt at ease.  It was like all the issues I had before sailed out to sea.  I purchased everything that made me look pretty.  I am still a woman and I need to look and feel good about myself.  I do not go overboard.  I spend only what I can afford and then call it a day.

Thank you for reading!

Autistic Female


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