Revolving Door of Life

As I continue to experience life I am starting to believe that it is more like a revolving door than a box of chocolates.  Everyday events occur and things change despite my fight to stop them.

The hardest lesson I am currently dealing with is the fact that people will always come and go.  Yesterday, I found out that the man I have a lot of feelings for is leaving to join the armed forces so he can try to create a better life for himself.  Being a good friend , I pretended to be happy though I was upset by this piece of information.  For over a year I have planned my Saturday’s around a time I blocked out just to go visit him.  I became very comfortable with that and I am actually surprising myself by how sad I feel that I will not be able to see him again for a very long time.

While I realize that there will always be changes  I do not think I will ever become accustomed to the feelings I have when it eventually happens. Every change sparks a different reaction so it is hard for me to  pick out just one emotion. As I mature, I hope to understand that while I may be sad when people leave the most important thing is to treasure the moments I get to spend with them when they are around.

Thank you for reading!!!

Autistic Female


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