Hit the Road Jack and dont you come back no more

Although I got home at my regular time  I did not get to relax yet.  The air conditioner is on its way out so my parents decided that today would be a great day to make an appointment with the  salesman to come over for an estimate.  The guy has been here for 3 hours already and is really starting to wear out his welcome.  At least in my opinion he is. How long does it take to inspect a stupid piece of machinery and spit out an overly expensive price? I have to act all day and now I’m being forced to do it in my safe haven as well.  First off I am wearing a workout outfit instead of my pajamas which I rip on the minute I get home.  I am not fully relaxed in sweats because to me  it feels like I still have to go out and do something. The dogs are locked in the basement instead of laying on my bed fighting each other to see who will get to sit next to me.  I can’t roam free because I know that someone is here that should not be. Granted people are going to read this and think ” big deal get over it already” . What people do not know is for me this is a big deal.  I have to adapt to changes all day long and I look forward to going home which is a place that normally has a changeless environment.  I really want to scream out ” When do you plan on leaving and going back to your own house?”  I know it is not appropriate so I am using what little energy I got left to not have a meltdown.  I need my space back and I am praying he leaves soon so I can recharge my batteries for tomorrow.

Thank you for reading!

Autistic Female


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