Somethings not right

This week I was ordered to stay home because of my out of control Asthma. I  figured it was going to be the best time ever as I get to be myself without putting on my actors mask.  What I learned though contradicted the initial thoughts that I had.  I realized that while I do cherish the moments I get to be alone, a small part of me needs to get outside and interact with the world around me.  From a readers standpoint this probably comes across as funny seeing how I always write how I find social situations stressful but it really is true.   I felt out of the loop on everything that was happening outside of my house.  Normally I go to work where I gossip the whole day away with my coworkers.  I had no one to interact with except my parents and even that started to bore me to tears.  I find it funny how something I use to fight against quickly become a necessity for me.  It confirms for me how all of my current interventions and hard work is finally starting to pay off.

Thank you for reading!!

Autistic Female


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