Everyone’s out and I’m out of energy

So its 10:00 on Friday night and instead of hitting up the bars like most people my age are doing I am laying in bed watching the Ghost Adventures marathon.  I must admit though that this is one part of Autism that I do not like. I am in my twenties and I should be out living life not laying around the house like some old lady.  Unfortunately, by the end of the work week I am so drained that I don’t  have any energy left over to do anything.  Granted everyone is tired at the end of the week but for an Autistic person its a different type of exhaustion. Aside from my job I also get the added bonus of trying to blend in the crowd because lets face it,  the society we live in does not take kindly to ones differences. It’s not like I can home to take a nap and then go out later.  I attempted to do that a few times and even after a long sleep I couldn’t get myself to muster up enough strength to put my actors mask back on.  While I do the best I can with the hand I have been dealt  in the future I hope to eventually find a balance where I can socialize and work at the same time.

Thank you for reading!

Autistic Female


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