Department of Monstrous Villains (DMV)

Tomorrow I have to go the DMV and take another written exam get a new permit bc I let my old one expire. It sucks because I know I am good driver but I get chocked up and fail every time my chance to prove myself comes around! In a perfect world I wish I could be able to be accommodated like the way my Academic exams were so I can take my test in with a certified instructor who specializes in working with individuals who have disabilities!

Until then it’s back to harsh realities of the real world where I learned the early on that nothing in my life will come easy for me! I will continue fighting on the fight to get to where I need to go! It might not be next week or next month but eventually I will win this loosing battle and earn my drivers license!

Thanks for reading!
Autistic Female


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  1. teacherblack
    Nov 21, 2014 @ 09:26:34

    1st—your blog domain name or something is expired and a notice came up when I tried to comment on your blog that I should remind you to renew the domain.

    2nd—my comment was going to be that the DMV should accommodate you–

    It’s an issue of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Good luck!

    Diana Kennedy, MA, ET/P Educational Therapist 510-610-6294 @teacherDBK to sign up for newsletter,


  2. Bryon
    Mar 10, 2015 @ 09:41:21

    I am using your blog to assist a few of my female students with ASD to understand that they do indeed share common experiences with other people. They found your narratives humourous, realisitic, and were able to identify with your experiences. I hope that you continue to blog, and I value your misson to highlight the everyday life of someone with Autism.


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