My Weigh in on Weight

NEVER JUDGE ANOTHER HUMAN BASED ON THEIR WEIGHT!! There are other factors that contribute to a persons size and it’s not always about poor food choices. Unless you know a persons story sit back and zip it! If you want to help someone get fit and healthier try motivational sayings like “you can do it” instead of just talking and being nasty Iike ” just drop 100+ lbs” All too often people are so quick to judge someone based on their outward appearance and I just find that to be so shallow and disgusting.  Overweight people are just that people. Everyone has emotions and feels pain. If one can take anything away from this post it would be to think about really stop and think before you make a judgement on someone.  Ask yourself  “How would I like it if someone made negative judgements about me? ” My guess is you wont feel so great either.  Just remember that the next time you feel yourself about to say something mean.  

Thank you for reading!

Autistic Female


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