The Wakeup Call

Hello world!! It is great to be back after almost taking a yearlong leave of absence. The time I spent in disconnect has helped me to learn amore about myself though better examining.  While I thought I could dupe those around me into thinking I am a happy individual the truth is I’m not good at a poker face.  Every emotion or annoyance I was feeling showed up on my face and in my actions.  Every day I woke up feeling like a volcano ready to erupt at someone who said or did the wrong thing. Little did I know that this dramatic change almost created some major issues for me at work.  My mentor told me that my bosses were starting to notice how short I was with people which may have hurt my progress within the company.  Although I was unhappy at work during that time and didn’t really care my wakeup call came when I was standing on the train platform and I said to a man I ride the train with “will you shut the (insert curse word here) up?” At that moment I knew I needed to make an appointment with my Autism Specialist. Now that I am on a new trial and error regimen I invite you all on my journey to find my way back to peace.

Thank you for reading!!

Autistic Female


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