Today I start living my life

On this day God has blessed my family and the world by giving them me.  I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start a brand new beginning.  Today is the day I start living this beautiful gift called life.

One of my main goals this year is to grow up and make my own decisions.  All to often I ask the people in my inner circle for advice and take their feedback as my final answer. This worked for me during my childhood but as I keep maturing I am starting to realize its flaws.  First, no one is me so they can’t really determine what I want or need.  Secondly, I am a fully functioning person capable of thinking for myself.  I make choices all day at work as it is and I certainly did not get this far by being a uninteligent.

The next big priority on my agenda is to become a published author.  Ever since I was diagnosed with Autism writing became my outlet to express what I am feeling.  Usually I can not get many people to listen to me without saying I’m wrong but on pen and paper it is different.  I can get everything out in the open with out judgment or interruption.  I have a great story to tell the world and soon it will be heard.

Lastly I want to stop playing it safe and start taking some risks.  For the longest time it has been my defense mechanism to dream big and not do anything to reach the goals Ive set.  Well now, I know for sure that I am done with dreaming and ready to start doing.  I am going to try my hand at every opportunity I have even if it means I don’t reach it on the first  go round.  No longer will I be afraid of failure or the unknown.

At some point in life a person will reach a stage where they know it is time to make a change.  Right now I am here and I have to say it is a sign of relief to finally realize where you need to go.  If you are at a rough spot my best advice is to try and make a conscious effort to do one thing different each day.  Life is a process taken in baby steps and nothing is built on a solid foundation.  Just remember if at first you don’t succeed you can always get up and try again.

Thank you for reading!

Autistic Female


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