What a Treat!!

What a great way to start the week off.  As I was sitting at my desk doing my work, all of the lights in the building went out and the fire marshal demanded that the company shut down for the day.  So I got off from work almost 2hrs earlier and I have to admit I loved every minute of it.  I can honestly say I can totally get use to working part time.  I mean I loved that I got out dead smack in the middle of the afternoon and had the whole rest of the day to myself to do whatever I wanted. I think that’s the way life is suppose to be.  Working but still having time to yourself to let loose and have fun.  I think that’s what the problem is with people.  Everyone is always stressed out with work and rarely have time for themselves or family. Just think if people were able to seperate work and family people wouldn’t be so hostile or depressed.

Thanks for reading!

Autistic Female


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