Declaration of Self Acceptance

Recently I realized while I may not understand a lot of social situations or seem to have a lot of common sense smarts, I have talents not many people possess. I can put complex jigsaw puzzles of up to 2,000 pieces together in less than a day without even looking at the picture on the box for assistance. I can also remember how to get to any place I have been to even if I only went once because I already have the route mapped and imbedded in my head. I think my most cherished gift is that I have superior ability to effectively write on topics from any viewpoint. Writing is how I most powerfully communicate with the world and that works for me. I am just me and I am finally ok with that. I am no longer going to let anyone make me feel bad about myself. It’s a new decade for me and I am done playing games with those who don’t matter.

Thank you for reading

Autistic Female

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